Here it is a very easy and quick recipe to make very good brioches. As you can see I am not making the croissant pastry, very long to make and of course not that easy. But with this recipe the result is very satisfying and you will be very surprise every morning when you will take out of the oven a very fragrant and tasty brioche ready to be eaten along with a good cappuccino. I highly recommend to fill the brioche with apricot jam or with nutella and then to sprinkle some icing sugar on top. That will make the difference and of course will make your day better since from the breakfast.

The ingredients:

500 grams of cake flour (you can also use the multipurpose)

70 grams of butter at room temperature

8 grams of dry yeast

160 grams of 3 per cent milk

150 grams of sugar

1 tbsp Vanilla extract

Orange zest

cornetti tutor

The preparation:

Melt the dry yeast in a lukewarm milk but make sure that the temperature is not too high (22 Celsius degree is ok). Meanwhile put all the ingredients together in a mixer bowl and start kneading. Add the milk and keep mixing for at least 10 minutes. Then divide the brioche pastry in two pieces and make two balls that you will place in two separate container to make them rise for at least 2 hours. Then using a rolling pin flat the pastry into a circle with a 45 cm diameter and cut with a rolling cutter in eight triangles. Put a ¾ teaspoon of apricot jam just in the middle of the base and start rolling to make the cornetto. Place the cornetti in a baking pan, cover them with a plastic wrap and let them rise for other 4 hours. If you are not making the cornetti the same day you can always freeze them before they rise and then defrost them overnight whenever you want. After the cornetti are ready to be baked, don’t forget to brush some egg yolks and milk mixture to give a nice colour. Turn the oven on and set it at 350 Celsius degrees and bake them for 15 to 18 minutes. Let them cool down and enjoy a fragrant cornetto like a real Italian. Buon appetito e alla prossima, ciao.

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