Focaccia Genovese is very famous in Italy, but I don’t know why it is not so well known abroad. Focaccia in Genova is a must to try if you go there. Every bakery has its own recipes but of course all are based on simple ingredients: water, olive oil, flour, salt and malt syrup. As a passionate baker I was always curious about making this focaccia at home. The first attempts didn’t come out the way I wanted but I didn’t give up and now I am able to make wonderful focaccia as good as the one that you can find in a bakery in Genova.


200 grams of water

320 grams of bread flour

10 grams of salt

8 grams of dry yeast

1 teaspoon of malt syrup

22 grams of extra virgin olive oil.

focaccia tut

The preparation:

Mix the oil, the malt syrup, salt and 170 grams of water together in a mixing bowl. After add half of the flour and the yeast previously melted in the remaining water. The water has to be at room temperature. Add the remaining flour and mix the ingredients together but not for too long because otherwise the dough will be too hard. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes and then place it in a baking pan (20×40 cm) previously brushed with some olive oil. Let the dough absorb the oil and allow it to rise for at least two hours or until it will double in volume. I always cover the dough with some plastic wrap and a tea towel to protect my dough from the light and to avoid the skin forming on top of it. Divide the dough in two pieces, and place one in the baking pan. Stretch the dough in the baking pan and let it rest for other 30minutes. Pour some lukewarm water on the focaccia, at least 3 tbsp and some extra virgin olive oil. And then, using your hands, especially your finger tips, gently press the dough to make some indentations. Now you can add all your toppings: I usually like my focaccia with onions thinly sliced, or with rosemary, with green olives, cherry tomatoes or thinly sliced potatoes. Let it rise again for another hour. Heat the oven at maximum temperature, mine reaches 250 Celsius, and bake your focaccia for 10 to 12 minutes. And then just sprinkle some salt and extra virgin olive oil. Now you are ready to eat and enjoy this wonderful focaccia. And you are also ready to reward yourself for this great job. Buon appetito e alla prossima. Ciao.

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