Maritozzo is a typical sweet bread from Lazio, in particular from Rome. In general is a very soft bread that is usually combined with whipped cream, pastry cream, chocolate cream and gelato. Yes, of course, gelato. In Italy and in Rome gelato it is also used with this particular bread or with cornetti to mix the fresh and sweet flavour with the fragrance of this sweet bread. Maritozzo is cut in half and filled with cream. People from Rome often have this after meal or during the afternoon, for a quick and tasty “spuntino”. I discover this bread not in Rome but in Menaggio, a small and beautiful village around the Lake of Como. There is a wonderful bakery called Bar Pasticceria Manzoni where you can have a very delicious maritozzo with any kind of cream. I like tradition, so I recommend to eat a maritozzo with whipped cream and sugar. If you want, you can also add some strawberries. I really like the combination because these fruits cut the richness of the cream giving a very good taste. So, now you just have to buy all the ingredients and try. Have a nice spuntino, like a real “romano”.


500 grams of flour

70 grams of sugar

5 grams of salt

Vanilla sugar

Lemon zest

70 grams of butter

250 g. of milk

1 egg

8 g. of dry yeast

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The preparation:

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients together, melting the dry yeast in 4 tbsp of lukewarm milk. Don-t forget that the butter has to be at room temperature. Then let the dough to rise until is almost doubled and then cut small pieces (around 40 grams each) and let it rise again. Then turn the oven on at 180 Celsius degrees. Take one egg yolk and brush every maritozzo. Put in the oven and bake them for 15 to 18 minutes. Let them cool down and enjoy. Buon appetito and buon maritozzo.

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